sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Lançamento novo vinho

No dia 19 de Marco, DIA DO PAI,
a Tasca do Joel
e a Quinta do Monte d’Oiro convidam-no a vir provar esta novidade ao almoço e jantar.
O primeiro copo é oferta !
OUTRAS NOVIDADES da QUINTA DO MONTE D’OIRO estarão a prova na loja,
com a presença do cortador do 5J as 12h00 as16h00

on the 19th march, father’s day,
Tasca do Joel & Quinta do Monte d’Oiro
invite you to come and taste
this new and exciting arrival*.
THE FIRST GLASS is offered !
*other wines from Quinta do Monte d’Oiro will be available for tasting at the wine boutique,
with the presence Cutter 5J 12.00 as16h00

* Tasca do Joel took Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, one of the best producers in the region and in Portugal, as a privileged partner for this project. A wine designed by Jael Martins & Father, together with renown wine producer jose bento dos santos, to go along with all the wonderful and genuine dishes Tasca do Joel has to offer.

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